Our ultra-nourishing Beautifying Facials combine a face, neck & shoulders massage with award-winning Image Skincare products to stimulate your skin and reveal a renewed glow and freshness. They are the perfect treatment for those on the go who just want to a skin pick-me-up or a relaxing facial, but don’t have major skin concerns.

Hydrating Facial

A combination of powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C to help treat redness, dry/dehydrated skin and photoageing.

Revitalising Facial

Our prevention and correction system to target fine lines, sagging and dull skin. Hyaluronic acid and stem cells work together to create a firmer, healthier appearance.

Balancing Facial

Soothing aloe vera mixed with potent botanicals act to restore the skin and bring it
back into balance.

Illuminating Facial

Diminishes dark spots and corrects pigmentation, offering a calming and brightening solution for irritated, sun-damaged skin.

Gentle Men’s Facial

High-performance facial specifically designed for men to soothe the over-shaved, stressed skin.

Key Facts

Treatment Duration

30-60 mins

Treatment Intervals

2-4 weeks apart


Suitable for all skin types except inflamed acne and hypersensitive skin

Duration of Results

Regular facials are beneficial to aid skin regeneration as we age


Beautifying FacialSingleCourse of 6
Hydrating Facial£60£300
Revitalising Facial£60£300
Balancing Facial£60£300
Illuminating Facial £60£300
Gentle Men’s Facial£60£300
express Facial£35£175