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eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions are a fantastic treatment to enhance the eyes with beautiful, voluminous lashes

Your eyelashes will look completely natural, only much longer and fuller. This treatment is suitable for all ages and lifestyles since the eyelashes are waterproof and durable under normal activities such as showering and swimming and need no regular application of mascara or use of eyelash curlers.

The final results will always vary from client to client and this will always be explained to you at your consultation prior to the treatment. Fullness, density and desired length will all be discussed with your technician beforehand to ensure you get the exact look you have in mind.

Eyelash infills should be done every 2-4 weeks. All grown out lashes will be removed and new extensions added to all of your regrowth. You will walk out with a completely new set of eyelashes every time. If the infills are booked after over 4 weeks, this will be considered a full, new set.

Classic Set: One eyelash extension on one natural eyelash creates the perfect natural look without make-up. This is perfect for those who already have a lot of lashes but need to add more length.

Hybrid Set: A perfect mix of Classic and Russian Volume lashes for a natural look with a little bit of drama. Mink or silk lashes are applied to individual lashes.

Russian Volume Set: This technique allow us to apply multiple extensions to one isolated natural lash creating a voluminous, fluffy look. There are 6 levels of volume to choose from, from two lashes combined and attached to each natural lash (2D), up to 6 lashes per one natural lash (6D).


Eyelash Extensions

Single Treatment

Classic Full Set of Eyelash Extensions


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions


Light Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions


Glam Russian Volume (4D-6D)



Eyelash Infill

After 3 Weeks

After 4 Weeks

Classic Eyelash Infills



Hybrid Eyelash Infills



Light Russian Volume Infills



Glam Russian Volume Infills



Key Facts


Treatment Duration

120 min


Treatment Intervals

2-4 weeks apart






Suitable for all skin types


Duration of results


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