Are you ready to wake up with perfect-looking brows every day?

Semi-permanent makeup for natural and beautifully defined eyebrows come from the work of a talented, patient and certified Microblading and Nanoblading Artist. Kamila Bójko is an Aesthetic Practitioner with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and her artistic skills combined with her clinical background allow her to create bespoke final results. During the treatment, a hand device is used to carefully implant pigment, mimicking single hair strokes.

Treatment Benefits: realistic, low maintenance, long lasting eyebrows.

Treatment duration: 6-18 months

Microblading before and after


Natural Microblading
Initial treatment and top up (after 6-8 weeks)£350
Colour Boost
Within 3 months after treatment (if required)£50
Within 3-6 months£100
Within 6-12 months£150
Within 12-18 months£180