5 Things To Expect After Your Secret RF Microneedling Treatment

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The Hampton Clinic


Secret RF is a fantastic treatment option to target a wide range of common skin and body concerns such as lines and wrinkles, laxity, texture, body scars, acne scars, crepey skin and stretch marks.

The treatment works by significantly stimulating collagen remodelling with the power of microneedling combined with radiofrequency-based heat applied directly to the dermis, the inner layer of the skin.  Because Secret RF combines these two effective technologies, its results are more dramatic than other traditional microneedling devices. The process leads to smoother, firmer and tighter skin. The sessions are quick with little downtime and Secret RF’s many customisable options to address different skin types and concerns make it one of our most popular treatments.

If you’ve never had Secret RF before, you may be wondering how your skin will feel and look after the procedure or if there is any post-treatment care you should be following at home. All of your questions will be clarified during our pre-treatment consultation. Rest assured, we've got you covered every step of the way!

Redness is absolutely normal

After having a Secret RF Microneedling session, you’ll notice skin redness which is a very normal and expected side effect. This happens for two reasons: the radiofrequency energy used during Secret RF treatment generates heat, which commonly causes redness and a sensation that may be similar to a sunburn; and the microneedling itself causes an increase in the blood flow on the treatment area as your body responds to the tiny injuries caused by the microneedles penetrating the dermis. These side effects should quickly subside and most clients will find that redness lasts no longer than a few hours or a couple days at most for the most sensitive complexions. Ensuring that you are properly hydrated will also help redness dissipate quickly, so drink plenty of fluids!

You might need to tweak your skincare routine

Most people who are considering having a Secret RF session will likely already use rejuvenating skin care ingredients in their normal routine. Some of these ingredients, such as chemical exfoliants, hyaluronic acid or retinoids, can be too harsh straight after RF microneedling. Stick with hydrating products and gentle formulas recommended by our aesthetic practitioner for the duration suggested after treatment. Gentle moisturising along with sun protection is especially important after this treatment, as you’ll want to avoid sun exposure to the area for a few days.

Pinpoint bleeding isn’t uncommon

During any microneedling treatment, tiny needles penetrate the skin so you may see some pinpoint bleeding. It’s important to mention that the treatment is very comfortable, thanks to powerful topical numbing agents that are applied before the procedure, but that won’t stop small areas of slight bleeding which should resolve immediately after the procedure. Bruising is a not so common, but also possible side effect, and should it happen, bruising subsides within a couple days at most.

You might notice your skin peeling

Since Secret RF Microneedling is also a skin resurfacing procedure, some peeling or shedding is a very normal occurrence during the skin’s recovery period. If you notice peeling, rest assured this is a great sign that cell turnover is occurring and new, rejuvenated skin cells are growing. Due to this normal side effect, a sensation of dryness or tightness is normal. This process should last only a few days, so remember to never pick at your skin to avoid scarring and infection.

Your skin will glow

After the healing period is done, your skin appearance will start improving, and a new healthy glow is one of the first things you’ll notice after approximately one week post treatment. Your skin will appear smoother and more luminous, lines and wrinkles will soften. You can expect this to improve over time as you receive further treatments and as more collagen and elastin are produced. Remember to keep up with moisturising, SPF and any other post-treatment instructions provided by your practitioner. Even after visible side effects subside, your skin is still repairing itself so proper care is key to support this process.

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