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An effective skincare routine requires cosmeceutical products that are well-formulated, clinically-tested and capable of penetrating deep beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate positive, long-lasting changes to its structure.

 Here at The Hampton Clinic, we are proud to offer our results-driven skincare ranges:

IMAGE Skincare | ZO Skin Health | ALLSKIN MED | Heliocare 

We really believe that simplifying your routine with just a few products designed to target your specific skin concerns will provide the best results. Let's face it, we've all been down the road of purchasing drugstore skincare week after week, only to end up with a cluttered collection of half-used bottles, unsure if any of them really deliver on their promises. Embracing minimalism in skincare saves you time, money and help you focus on a concise and personalised skincare plan that works. Skincare doesn't have to be complicated and you definitely shouldn't have to be buying a different product every week!

It's important to establish a well-balanced skincare routine to attain and maintain beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. If you're unsure about where to begin, seeking our professional assistance will set you on the right path. During your skin consultation we can put together a personalised skincare programme, and we can help you understand your skin type and enable you to make informed decisions regarding the products you should or shouldn't use and determine which in-clinic treatments would be useful for your specific concerns.


IMAGE Skincare prioritises science over fads and results over trends. Their physician-formulated products and treatments have earned rave reviews, won countless awards and gained the trust of over 30,000 skincare professionals around the world. IMAGE uses active ingredients, smart botanicals and cutting-edge science to create treatments that work for every skin condition and situation.


Drawing inspiration from their founder, world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO® Skin Health continues to push the boundaries of medical-grade skincare. Combining their distinct perspective on skin health science with proprietary technologies and unique protocols, ZO® provides comprehensive solutions for maintaining skin at its healthiest. From correcting sun damage and pigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles to protecting against future damage, ZO® offers a wide spectrum of advanced skincare protocols and products designed to promote healthier skin day after day.


ALLSKIN MED products were designed exclusively for skincare professionals. They are tools that can help us create custom protocols, unique to each individual’s needs and characteristics. Their formulas were designed to act specifically on the different layers of the skin and ensure optimal and comprehensive results. Focusing on the core indications of ageing, photo-damaged, and tired skin, ALLSKIN MED combining in-clinic treatments with advanced home-use skincare to deliver remarkable results.


Heliocare is a reference in photoprotection for healthy living in the sun. Thanks to its innovative Fernblock® Technology, Heliocare products protect against the sun’s 4 radiations (UVB-UVA-VL-IR), neutralises free radicals and repairs sun damage.

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Laser Hair Removal

Our pain-free Soprano ICE Titanium laser is a breakthrough hair removal platform that can treat all skin tones safely and effectively.


Body Cotouring

3D-Lipo Ultimatepro is a multi-technology platform that offers a complete approach to non-invasive body sculpting treatments.


Facial and Skin Treatments

Our advanced facial treatments can target a wide range of skin concerns including but not limited to ageing, acne, scarring, enlarged pores, sensitive skin and uneven skin texture.


Health and Wellbeing

We provide a selection of health and wellbeing treatments tailored for your individual needs.



Our highly skilled Cosmetic Injectors are renowned to provide first class anti-ageing and face contouring treatments.


Tattoo Removal

Our Harmony XL Pro laser is one of the most effective methods for removing dark and multi-coloured tattoos currently available.


Beauty Treatments

Browse through our wide range of beauty treatments combining high quality products with a professional and friendly service.