Skin tightening: HIFU vs Radiofrequency

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The Hampton Clinic


Although HIFU and Radiofrequency serve the same intention (antiageing and skin tightening), these two methods are very different and using one or the other will depend on the results that you want to achieve.

HIFU delivers more precise and more intense fractional ultrasound energy while Radiofrequency (RF) is based on a bulk heating strategy. HIFU goes deeper into and beyond the dermis, being able to reach the SMAS layer. RF, on the other hand, will not go as deep as HIFU as it focuses on epidermal layers and does not go beyond the deep dermis. HIFU is generally performed as a single treatment, RF may require several sessions. 

How to choose?


If your main problem is sagging and your ultimate goal is a “lifting” effect it might be a better idea for you to go for HIFU. The depth of its tissue tightening will allow for more prominent results. HIFU will be the best choice for tightening loose skin around the jowls, improve the appearance of a double chin or “lifting” the brows.


RF being a less intensive method that penetrates tissues not as deep as HIFU can be a better choice for addressing volume loss or treating delicate areas such as lower and upper eyelids. So if you have no or limited skin laxity, but are losing facial volume you may opt for RF. It will tighten the skin but also create the effect of more volume.

Both HIFU and Radiofrequency are fantastic treatments that we offer with great antiageing results. Book your consultation if you'd like to discuss them with one of our experienced practitioners.