Will missing laser hair removal sessions during lockdown affect your results?

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The Hampton Clinic


We've been asked a lot by our clients if missing laser hair removal sessions during lockdown will affect their results. We know how disappointing it can be to to pay for a course of treatments and then going into lockdown.

The good news is: the hairs that were removed with laser are gone forever! The reason that we say most clients will need around 8 sessions, four to eight weeks apart, is because laser treatment works best when hairs are in the early stage of growth, known as anagen. This is when the hair is visible above the skin and the hair shaft is firmly attached to the follicle.

Individual hairs on your body are always at different stages on their growth process. When our state-of-the-art Soprano Ice Titanium zaps the hair in the anagen phase, it will never regrow. Having 8 sessions, 4-8 weeks apart (depending on the area), will ensure that we will be able to target the most amount of hair follicles in their optimum growth phase.

Treatment results are individual. Differences in hormones imbalances and genetics will affect the results you get.

If you have significant changes in your lifestyle and diet, start a different medication or go through more stress than usual, this can affect your hormones and you might find that your hair is thicker or growing faster - but that can't be related to starting or stopping your laser treatment.

How laser hair removal works

Laser is attracted to pigment in the hair. Once the laser light is absorbed, it damages the follicle permanently and the hair doesn’t grow back. Since each individual hair grows at a different rate, several treatments are required.