Laser Hair Removal Offers Bristol

Did you know? The average woman removes her body hair for 54 years and spends a whopping 173,000 minutes shaving and waxing in her lifetime, costing well over £10,000! Not to mention the daily grind of ingrown hairs and instant regrowth, what a bore… 

Whether you shave it, wax it, pluck it or bleach it, your hair still comes back. Its time to seize the day and try our ‘virtually pain-free’ Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal system for permanent hair reduction, forever. 

The award-winning Soprano ICE laser uses advanced diode technology teamed with a chilled tip to deliver effective hair removal in a gentle, pain-free manner. It is safe and effective for all skin types and hair types, except for very blonde, red, grey and white hair where there isn’t enough pigment to attract the laser light. Soprano ICE is also FDA approved for tanned skin which makes it the number one choice all year around. The unique ‘in-motion’ delivery of the laser light targets the root of the hair, destroying specific cells to eliminate the hair with no damage to the surrounding skin. 

You have around 10-20% of hair in the active growth stage at any one time. We will design a customised treatment plan for you depending on your hair growth, colour, density and thickness, which will span over 6 – 8 treatments. We usually recommend a course of 6 treatments to see a substantial reduction in hair growth and life changing results! 

  • No more shaving or waxing
  • Virtually pain-free procedure
  • Cutting edge Soprano technology
  • Up to 95% of hair reduced


Disclaimer: individual results may vary.

  • Treats all skin tones and hair colours, except for very blonde, red, grey and white hair
  • Detailed grid system to target every hair follicle
laser hair removal payment plan

Key Facts

Treatment Duration

From 15 mins

Treatment Intervals

4-8 weeks apart



Duration of Results

Significant hair reduction, top up treatments may be necessary

Suitable for

Suitable for all skin and hair types, including tanned skin.

Before and Afters

Slide the arrows left and right to see the difference a treatment can make.

The Process

1. Consultation

A consultation is important to primarily discuss your needs and expectations. Our aesthetic practitioner will assess your medical history and suitability for the treatment and ask you to give informed consent for the treatment course.

2. Patch Test

A patch test is required at least 24 hours before commencing your first treatment. This is to assess the amount of melanin (colour) in the hair and determine the correct settings to use for an effective, virtually pain-free treatment. You will be asked to shave the area on the morning of your first treatment to achieve the best results.

3. Treatment

During the treatment, the laser is passed over the skin in a slow, fluid motion. This movement gradually heats the hair follicles in the sub dermal (lower) layer of the skin using pulses of energy that are absorbed into the melanin (brown colour) in the hair. This damages the blood supply to the hair, so it can no longer be produced. All you will feel is a warm, comfortable sensation whilst this magic is happening!

4. Results in Progress

After your treatment, your hair will start to grow as though it’s been shaved. The hairs can remain in the skin and often become attached to the epidermis (upper layers of skin). They will fall out 1-4 weeks after the treatment as the skin naturally renews itself. As the blood supply to the hair has been damaged, the follicle starts to miniturises, resulting in the hair being eradicated or depigmented and fined to vellus hair. Treatment intervals vary from 4-8 weeks apart depending on the treatment area.

Prices for women

Standard bikini£65£325
High bikini£75£375
Brazilian/Hollywood bikini£105£525
Naval to pubis£45£225
Hands (inc fingers)£65£325
Full arm£145£725
Chest (excl breast)£105£525
Feet (inc toes)£65£325
Full back£145£725
1/2 leg£165£825
3/4 leg£230£1,150
Full leg£280£1,400
Back of thighs£105£525
Upper lip£65£325
Lip & chin£75£375
Cheeks / Sideburns£75£375
Neck (front or back)£75£375
Lower face£105£525
Ears (outer)£65£325

Prices for Men

Ears (outer)£65£325
Mens abdomen or chest)£165£825
Mens abdomen & chest£230£1,150
Mens shoulders£145£725
Mens half back£165£825
Mens back (excl shoulders)£230£1,150
Mens full back (inc shoulders)£280£1,400