What You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

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Summer is so close we can nearly smell the Mojitos and sun cream! In the winter all of us have had that extra hour in bed all cosy, watching our favourite TV shows even if it is at the cost of not shaving for a few days. Now the summer is coming the winter fuzz has to go!

Shaving can give you unwanted burns and stubble and waxing is no good whilst growing out your hair beforehand, not to mention the increase in ingrown hair. Laser could be a permanent solution to all of our hair removal problems. If you are considering laser hair removal then ensure that you contact us using an online contact form on our website or call now on: 0117 973 4444.

It’s important to do some research before the treatment so we have done that for you. Here are the most important things you should know before getting laser hair removal.


Before Treatment

Laser hair removal used to only work on fair skin and dark hair. This is because the laser works by targeting pigment which is easily done with dark hair, however, if the client has dark skin the laser could aim for the skin causing burns. Thanks to brand new technology this is no longer the case. Laser hair removal works on all types of skin tones with the right laser/settings.

You will be required to have a patch test before your first treatment. The patch test will assess the amount of melanin in the hair which will then decide the correct settings to use for a successful and pain-free treatment. You will be asked to shave the area the morning of the treatment for the best results.

You will need to avoid sunbathing and excessive sun exposure before and after treatment. Your skin colour while tanned will be a closer colour to the pigment meaning the laser cannot be as aggressive as when you weren’t tanned.



The treatment itself can take from a few minutes to over an hour, it’s all dependent on the part of your body you are having the treatment. During the treatment, the laser will run smoothly over your skin. A cooling gel will be used to protect your skin and lessen side effects. The movement of the laser gradually heats up the hair follicles in the lower layer of the skin. Pulses of energy are absorbed into the melanin in the hair which will then damage the blood supply to the hair, meaning it can no longer be produced. You may feel a warm sensation while the treatment is working.


After Treatment

Patience is key when it comes to laser hair removal. Your hairs will start to fall out between one to four weeks after treatment while the skin is renewing itself. A few more sessions will be needed for any targeted area to catch each follicle at the correct growing stage. The intervals between treatments can vary between 4 - 8 weeks, depending on the area.

Now that you have had your treatment, you need to look after yourself. Always wear sunscreen when appropriate. The skin will be very sensitive and you don’t want to apply more heat to the area. The same thing applies to hot showers and exercise. We recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before completing any activity which will increase your body temperature.

After treatment, you might see a few hairs. These hairs will start to grow as though you have just shaved. Make sure you leave these hairs alone! Pulling out the hair follicles can delay the process. Allow the hairs to fall out on their own to see the best results.  


Is The Treatment For You? Enquire Now

We honestly couldn’t recommend laser hair removal enough. It will save you so much time and with consistency will come results. The Hampton Clinic is passionate about giving their clients life-changing results and are proud of their loyal relationships with their clients. Whatever the concern, The Hampton Clinic will devise a treatment programme especially for you to help you build the confidence you need to take that first step towards becoming the best possible version of you. For more information take a look at our laser hair removal page or call us today on: 0117 973 4444.