Why should you see a skin specialist?

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Skin health often has a significant impact on emotional health, not to mention being a good indicator of your overall health. Being the largest organ in your body, problematic skin sometimes means that something is going on beneath the surface but very often it just means that you need to alter your beauty routine. A good skin specialist will not only help with treating the visible concerns you may be having but will also take into account your lifestyle such as diet, exercise and stress levels since these factors can help to determine what treatments to prescribe and what products to use for each specific situation.

So, Why Should You See A Skin Specialist?

Expert Skincare Advice

A skin specialist’s primary goal is to help you with all you skin needs which might range from acne to ageing. We understand that the amount of confusing skincare information available can be overwhelming. Visiting a skin specialist can cut through all the “noise” and help you understand what ingredients and products are right for your skin.

Understanding your skin

Researches show that 80% of us don't know our skin type or are able to identify our skin requirements which only confirms the importance of having a skin analysis by a qualified aesthetician. Book a consultation with a skin specialist if you want to get to know your skin better - this will be essential in helping you plan a home care regime that will truly improve the look and health of your skin.


A skin specialist can help you select effective skincare products that are not available in the high street. Having access to cosmeceuticals can really improve your skin regime and bring you real results since these products are able to pass through the epidermis and act deep within the dermis and are formulated with highly active principles. Getting the right home care products will make a tremendous difference in the upkeep of your skin.

Procedure Knowledge

Get recommendations for professional skin treatments you can’t do yourself because they require special training such as microdermabrasion, microneedling, skin tightening and chemical peels. These advanced treatments will get you more dramatic results in much less time!

We hope that helped give you a little insight into why it’s a great idea to see an esthetician.