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Beauty Bristol - Top 3 Beauty Treatments In Bristol

We here at The Hampton Clinic specialise in non-invasive beauty treatments that allow anyone to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Beauty is truly within everyone, but sometimes the health of our skin has a huge effect on our mood & confidence. We offer professional beauty treatments for those that want to improve these aspects of their life, allowing them to regain their confidence. For more information about our treatments, visit our website on - Beauty Bristol

There are 1000's of beauty treatments on the market but it can be difficult to realise & find what is really going to make a difference to your skin's health. Out of those 1000's, there's bound to be a set of treatments that are perfect for you. At The Hampton Clinic, we try to break down & de-mystify some of the jargon used in the beauty industry, as we know it can be confusing with so many different terms, titles & names for treatments. We don't want to be selling treatments to you if it's not needed since we want to be beauty consultants rather than mere salespeople.

In this article, we'll go through the top 3 beauty treatments that we think apply to most people. Everyone's skin is different, so it's hard to pinpoint what treatments you may need in particular. This is why we do recommend an individual beauty consultation to everyone who visits our clinic. This being said, we do have treatments that we think a lot of people can benefit from.

laser hair removal payment planLaser Hair Removal:

We feel laser hair removal is a worthy treatment in this short list as it's a treatment that a lot of people can make use of. Both men & women often have hair in unwanted places, so as a treatment we feel a lot of people can make use of it. Most of our clients are tired of regularly having to shave/wax hair so they're looking for an alternative treatment that's going to offer them longer lasting results.

Regardless of if you're shaving, plucking or waxing your hair, it's bound to come back. This is because the root of the hair is still present. Soprano ICE uses laser technology to heat the dermis (the layer of skin that holds the hair) to a temperature that eliminates the hair cell. This may sound painful, but the "ICE" portion of the treatment name describes the tip of the device that is cold to the touch. This gives good pain alleviation and makes the process/treatment virtually pain-free.

The great thing about Soprano ICE is that it's applicable to so many types of skin! From light to tanned skin, Soprano ICE works to remove the hair in the exact same way. Traditional IPL treatments often worked on contrasting skin tones (light skin, dark hairs) but Soprano ICE can be used on much wider of a range of skins & hair colours.


Facials as a title of treatment are quite vague, as a facial can consist of up to 5/6 individual treatments! Facial treatments as a whole though are an amazing treatment for those that are looking to revitalise their skin through balance, hydration, exfoliation and stimulation.

You can have a bespoke facial designed for you to tackle problems with your skin. Everyone's skin is so unique that not one facial plan is going to fit everyone, so we work to come up with a bespoke solution for you. Our facials work to effectively treat dull, dehydrated & sensitive skin as well as any blackheads, milia, lines & wrinkles, sun damage, acne and acne scarring.

Our Skin Care Practitioners work to consult, devise & apply professional skin care treatments to revitalise your skin. The process first starts with a consultation that is vital to the overall process. We want to fully understand what we're trying to work with, so a consultation is essential to go through your needs & expectations.

Laser Tattoo Removal BristolTattoo Removal:

Whilst not applicable to everyone, with the popularity of tattoos recently, tattoo removal is becoming a more sought after treatment that we offer! Regardless of the reason you want a tattoo removed, our practitioners work clinically to help remove now unwanted tattoos using FDA approved machines.

Tattoo removal has progressed much further than most people think since most people think that tattoo removal has to be a painful treatment that takes months to happen. Depending on how big the tattoo is & the complexity of the design, your tattoo could be fully removed within a few sessions.

The Hampton Clinic:

Our practitioners are here waiting to help you with any treatments you may be interested in. Give our team a call on - 0117 973 4444 or visit our website to find out more about the wide range of services we offer - Beauty Bristol