The Oscars are here! Are you red-carpet ready?

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The Oscars are here and the stars will be gracing the red carpet in just a few hours! But do you know how much beauty preparation goes into that effortless look? Up to 3 months of visits to their army of experts to undergo all kinds of whacky treatments and exercise plans!

For an A-list celebrity, that picture-perfect moment when they step out onto the red carpet needs to be perfection! Its in their job description to ensure they look fabulous on the red carpet, which leads them to try all kinds of futuristic treatments in the quest for an enviable figure and show stopping skin!

Aesthetic perfection doesn't come easy, or cheap! Here are our top tips to getting red-carpet ready…


Anti-wrinkle injectables and fillers are go-to treatments for celebs. Its estimated that over 50% of stars rely on discreet injections to perfect their red-carpet entrance! That being said, they still need to work on the tone and luminosity of their skin if they want to pull off the ultimate entrance.

Facials need to be organised in advance. Your skin cell cycle exceeds 30 days as we age, so its important to have a few facials before a big event to reboot your skin!

We have expertly designed two fabulous facials to get you show-stopping skin:

Within these facials we use specialist tools and machines to stimulate collagen in the skin, creating a more youthful version of itself. Combining medical-grade exfoliation, micro-needling, LED phototherapy and a customised mask, we are able to restore vital lipids for glowing skin that’s camera ready!

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A firm favourite of celebs pre-event is the sheet mask. After temporarily looking like hannibal lecter, the results are amazing! There are lots available, but we love the ZO Brightening Sheet mask for its synergistic blend of active ingredients to boost hydration and vitality!


Body preparation generally begins once they’ve chosen their dazzling gown. As stars usually borrow their designer gowns from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Versace and Alexander McQueen to name just a few, they are required to fit the gown, rather than the gown fitting them! Hence the strict nutrition and fitness regime to help slim-down, sculpt and tone up.

Most of the exquisite gowns on the red carpet are backless, exposing the toned physiques the stars have been working endlessly to achieve over the last few months. Back facials a.k.a Bacials, will remove surface debris, deep cleanse, refine pores and improve hydration levels. Creating a perfect canvas for that all important golden glow!

In the quest for the ‘perfect’ body, celebs have been known to try Cryotherapy - a cold chamber thats chilled to below freezing at -90 degrees! The science is there to confirm that cold therapy can break down fat cells, but to save you turning blue, try our targeted Cryolipolysis fat reduction treatment to treat stubbborn pockets of fat, quickly and painlessly. More than just a small pocket? Opt for Cavitation Ultrasound to blast those fat cells away!

As well as partaking in their gruelling fitness regime, celebs won’t say no to a bit of extra help! The Laser Bum Lift treatment helps lift and firm the derrière with no downtime. Perfect for that effortless red carpet look.

No look would be complete without luxurious, super smooth legs! In a recent article, one celeb admitted its a sin to wear underwear on the red carpet for risk of the dreaded VPL.  So how do they get their body stubble free? The answer: Laser Hair Removal. Its no wonder Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are avid fans of the fuss-free treatment!

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The best nutritionists request the a-listers to cut out refined flours and wheat (to reduce bloating), processed foods, alcohol and sugar at the very least. They encourage them to increase intake of green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, steamed fish and chicken, nuts and green tea to help cleanse the body. Some nutritionists begin the stars on an anti-inflammatory diet to help regulate digestion and supplement their diet accordingly. Whatever is going on in the gut, will inevitably show up on the skin.

We know we shouldn’t eat sugar because it can cause tooth decay and make us store extra fat. Did you know that it also makes you age prematurely? Excess sugar molecules in your blood will bind to collagen fibres, making them brittle so they breakdown. We lose 1.5% of our collagen every year in the natural ageing process, so high levels of sugar in your diet will increase this figure substantially. If you want to keep wrinkles at bay, see our nutritionist Rosie Letts, who can help you design a new healthy eating programme with all the proteins and antioxidants you need to restore your collagen! We love Rejuvenated Collagen Shots to help rebuild collagen from within. They contain a whopping 10,000mg of hydrolysed collagen, as well as vitamin c and zinc to help promote healthy skin.

Our no.1 tip…

Hydration, hydration hydration!

Its said that over 50% of us walk around chronically dehydrated. Do you have your 2+ litres of water per day? Water is essential for all your organs - it will improve brain function and productivity, reduce fatigue, help flush out toxins (improving cellulite) and give you naturally plump, glowing skin.