Hot-to-trot: we reveal the results of our life-changing £5,000 transformation competition

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The Hampton Clinic


What a transformation! Lucy Ware, 31, from Little Stoke, is officially 'hot-to-trot' after winning our £5,000 competition.

In April, we collaborated with a number of local businesses to give one lady the chance to totally revamp her look. The prize included ‘virtually pain-free’ Soprano ICE laser hair removal, an 8-week course of ‘non-invasive’ 3D lipomed body reshaping, a dermaroller microneedling treatment, and three DermaCo facials - all at the clinic. Also up for grabs was a nutritional therapy programme (Rosie Letts Nutrition), semi-permanent makeup treatment (Enhanced By Jozette), a week's supply of nutraceuticals goodies (Rejuvenated), hair cut and colour (SK109), personal styling session and colour analysis (Styled By Lucy), full makeover (Powder & Paint), and photo shoot (Little Wild Ones Photography).

We were over-the-moon to announce Mrs. Ware as the winner, particularly after learning she had ‘lost her sparkle’ following the birth of her two children.

‘I'm both proud of what my body did – carrying and feeding my babies – but I also hate some of the consequences.  I have a wonderful husband who loves me for me, but I've lost my confidence. I want to feel fantastic in my 30s and beyond!'

From the beginning of her makeover, it was obvious that Lucy was a very deserved winner. And with our innovative, cutting-edge technology, and the aid of some handpicked local businesses, operation ‘Reclaim Lucy’s Body Back’ was well underway.

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To begin her makeover, Lucy had a course of three DermaCo Microdermabrasion facials with Kamila – one of our esteemed aesthetic practitioners. These treatments used diamond microdermabrasion, ultrasound, LED, thermotherapy, targeted collagen stimulation to provide medical-grade exfoliation and intense hydration. Lucy’s bespoke facial programme was supplemented with a range of ZO products – a cosmeceutical skincare range that penetrates deep beneath the skin's surface, and stimulates a long-lasting, positive changes to its structure.

The mastermind behind Lucy's beautifully crafted brows was Bristol’s revered semi-permanent makeup artist, Jozette Sheppherd from Enhanced by Jozette. Lucy’s new brows seamlessly compliment her look and frame her face. Brows on fleek!

Revealing Lucy’s inner beauty was make-up artist, Kathryn Brauton from Powder and Paint. Kathryn used a light-reflecting primer to give Lucy's face a gorgeous glow, and then applied a light foundation to add a further sheen to her skin. To define her eyes, Kathryn chose a combination of bronze and brown eyeshadow shades. She finished with a pop of fresh pink blush on Lucy's cheeks and highlighter on her cheekbones to give her a natural, summery glow.

And finally, nourishing Lucy’s skin from within was the nutraceutical line, Rejuvenated. Lucy hydrated herself with a cocktail of their Collagen Shots every morning to help increase skin elasticity, density, and hydration levels. So that must explain her healthy glow?!



Transforming Lucy into the ultimate beach body goddess was 3D lipomed – our celeb treatment that targets skin tightening, fat reduction, and body sculpting. Delphine, our second expert practitioner, treated Lucy to an 8-week body-reshaping course that included cryolipolysis (targeting localised fatty pockets); cavitation (creating air bubbles in the fat cells that cause apoptosis – better known as cell death!); and radio frequency (stimulating collagen production by raising the temperature). This unique combination helped her loose 10cm from her waist and annihilate those pesky pockets of fat on her abdomen.

To tackle her stretch marks, Lucy was treated to a session with our best kept secret to skin rejuvenation: the dermaroller. Dermaroller micro-needling effectively stimulates the body’s natural healing response, which promotes the production of elastin and collagen for a more refined and youthful skin.

Fighting the fuzz for Lucy was our holy grail of hair removal: the award winning Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine. Lucy was thrilled to have three treatments of ‘virtually pain-free’ laser hair removal on her bikini with Kamila. She couldn’t have been happier that a hair-free summer is now on the cards for her now. Happy days! 


Giving Lucy the ultimate body transformation was Bristol’s esteemed nutritional therapist, Rosie Letts, who provided her with 'food for thought' on how to properly nurture her body through diet. Rosie thoroughly assessed Lucy’s diet with a close examination of her food diary and analysis on the biometric scales. And to shed excess weight, Rosie concluded that Lucy needed to pack her plate with more essential fats, fruit n veg, and ditch the Diet Pepsi!!


To frame Lucy's gorgeous dark features, she was treated to a cut and colour with hair guru, Abi Pope from SK109. After a thorough consultation, Abi decided to go with a soft balayage technique on Lucy's hair; she started with a rich brown working her way into a soft blonde, with the occasional flash of brighter blonde underneath. After colouring, she cut a few inches off Lucy’s hair, softly layered it, and then quite sharply shaped it around her face. This style complimented her look and features beautifully.


Getting Lucy well and truly 'hot-to-trot' was fashionista Styled By Lucy. She started Lucy's styling session with a colour analysis to find the most flattering palette for her skin tone. During the session, they worked together using specially selected drapes to determine the colours that best enhanced Lucy's features. On the day of the personal shopping experience, Lucy picked out a gorgeous blue wrap dress from Max Mara, which she felt very confident wearing. The dress was matched with a pair of bright blue heels to add a pop of colour.  


Papping Lucy was the pro photographer Shikha Kuehn from Little Wild Ones Photography.

“On the day of the makeover, I wanted to enhance Lucy’s gorgeous features and natural beauty. And I think these photos capture her newfound confidence and sex appeal! Just look at her – she’s oozing class!”

‘I’ve had the most fantastic experience at The Hampton Clinic, thanks to the amazing staff who are so professional and thorough. My skin has totally transformed and I feel so much more confident with my body. I would wholeheartedly recommend The Hampton Clinic and their life-changing treatments. I can’t thank them enough!’ Lucy Ware